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Home Insurance

Owning a home is a big responsibility, so it's nice to have something to shoulder some of the burdens for you. This is exactly what home insurance policies are for. To learn more about what Florida home insurance covers and whether you need it, read on.

What Does It Cover?

Home insurance policies are broken down into several categories, and you have the choice of one type of coverage or multiple types. Here are your options for home insurance with The Nicholas Group:

  • Dwelling coverage: This coverage will help pay for repairs to your home if the damage was caused by a covered cause.
  • Personal property coverage: You'll need this type of coverage if you want your personal belongings to be covered. This includes things like clothing and electronics.
  • Personal liability coverage: In the event that somebody is injured on your property and files a claim, personal liability coverage can act as a defense and help protect you.
  • Other structures coverage: You'll need this type of coverage if you want peripheral buildings like garages, fences, and sheds to be covered.
  • Loss of use coverage: If you have to move out of your home temporarily, loss of use coverage can pay for the resulting expenses.

Who Needs It?

Home insurance is tricky because you aren't legally required to have it. However, you will likely be required to carry some type of coverage if the house you're living in is currently financed by a mortgage.

Even if you aren't required to have a homeowner’s insurance policy, it's recommended that you purchase coverage. Should anything happen to your home or its surrounding structures, a good home insurance policy can save you tons.

Your Move

Now that you know the basics of Florida home insurance, you're ready to talk to an agent and get a quote. Give The Nicholas Group a call or visit our office to learn more and get a free quote today.