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Life Insurance

In the event that you pass away unexpectedly, there are a lot of different expenses for your family to worry about. The best way to make sure your family doesn't have to worry after you're gone is by carrying a solid Florida life insurance policy.


There are a number of expenses that become your family's responsibility at the end of your life, but the first one is the funeral. Although they may not seem like expensive events, the average funeral costs about $10,000. Providing your family with money to pay for your funeral will keep them out of debt and allow them to mourn properly.

Smaller everyday expenses are also an issue at the end of your life. This is particularly true if you're the main source of income right now. Your family will still need to buy groceries, pay for medical expenses, keep up on all the bills, and more. A life insurance policy from The Nicholas Group can help you help your family even after you're gone.

Policy Types

Currently, there are many different types of life insurance policies available. Here's a quick overview of some of them:

  • Term: There are two types of these policies—level term and decreasing term. Level term policies where benefits remain the same makeup about 97% of term policies, with decreasing term insurance is where benefits decrease over the length of the policy being significantly less popular.
  • Whole life: Whole life insurance pays a death benefit when the policyholder dies, no matter how old they are. Prices will increase as the policyholder gets older and death becomes more of a likelihood.

The Next Step

Now that you understand what life insurance is for and the different types of policies, you're ready to contact The Nicholas Group for a Florida life insurance quote. You can get a free quote by giving us a call or visiting our office.